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Above the Clouds


Here you will find our latest fundraising campaigns, social outreach, fundraising event photos!

Be The Change

Fundraising and Awareness Campaign

You can be the change we need by donating your change today!

We want to change the numbers. We want to change the Prevent to No by Knowing More!

Autism Affects 1 in 54. Epilepsy Affects 1 in 26. Autism & Epilepsy Combined Affects 289 in 5815. S.U.D.E.P. (Sudden Unexpected Death due to Epilepsy) Affects 21 in 1000. Living Autism is expanding its mission to bring knowledge and Quality of Life to those not only on the spectrum, but to those with Epilepsy. Individuals on the Spectrum are twice as likely to develop Epilepsy at some point in their life and due to lack of funds for knowledge, research and treatments, SUDEP has risen in numbers.

Quality of Life by Respecting Life.

Funds raised by Living Autism's Be The Change Campaign will be dedicated to purchasing AI, Assistive Technology, and Safety and Alert Devices for those with Epilepsy and Autism.

If you wish to have a donation jar presented at your point of sale to help support our mission, please contact us today and we can have one delivered to you!

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